Here are a few frequently asked questions that you might think of while securing Personal Loans in South Africa:

hide this What does it mean to be a Personal Loan requester in South Africa?

This means that you have been qualified for our Personal Loan plan along with an ID and Legal Assist for a period of 24 months or 2 years, free loan finding services and credit report.

hide this What are some of your basic criteria?

We have certain basic criteria that can help to assist you with the loan finding process. We can assist you if you fulfill the following requirements:

  • You are 18 years of age or older
  • You are a citizen of South Africa
  • You have a fixed monthly income which is at least R1500 per month
  • You have a Bank Account in South Africa
hide this What can disqualify me from getting a Personal Loan?

We will not be able to assist you if you fall under any of the following aspects:

  • You have filed for bankruptcy
  • You are under debt review
  • You have proclaimed that you are insolvent
  • You are presently under a debt restructuring program
  • You are under administration
hide this Is my information and details safe?

You can be assured that your personal information will stay secured and protected under the terms of the ECT or Electronic Communications and Transactions Act. We also employ highly advanced and improved online privacy technologies to ensure that this is taken care of. You can check for more details on our privacy policy.

hide this How long is it for me to know the result of my loan application?

Once we receive the result of your loan application, we will instantly notify you through an SMS.

hide this Will you do a Credit check on me?

No, we do not perform any kind of credit checks on any of the applicants. A few brokers and moneylenders can do the checks, if required.

hide this How long do I have to wait for repaying the Loan?

This is something that depends on the terms and conditions that you have discussed with the moneylender. Usually, the personal loans have a repayment period that is from 12 to 72 months, although this rests on what you are qualified for and can offer to repay.

hide this How should I cancel my service with you?

We offer a week long cooling period where you are most welcome to cancel our services in case you want to go ahead. However, if you change your mind upon doing so, you can easily reactivate your account with us merely by getting in touch with our support staff.

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