We have been serving the people in South Africa for more than 3 years. We have processed over 60,000 applications a year that creates Personal Loan applications of just more than 4 billion Rands. We have a winning track record that makes us the leading name while looking for a reliable personal lender. We are also a favorite with our customers. We are known for using only reputed brokers and moneylenders in the industry of micro-finance. The lenders make sure that our customers are fairly treated throughout the application process.

Our expertise lies in building the most prominent financial services organization with our competitive benefits to the fullest. Our focus is to deliver the better sustainable shareholder value by attending to the needs of our customers through state of the art, on the ground operations in South Africa. We connect with select emerging markets in the country and apply our sector experience all over the world. Our main differentiators are the people who want to learn about our strategy no matter where they are based out of.

Our Principles :

  • The loans' value that we provide is estimated with the amount that you can really afford. Generally Personal Loans are sometimes considered in a negative way. However, they can open up many avenues for the customers if they are carefully and responsibly used. These include home extensions, education loans and the like.
  • We enable customers to realize the importance of the task of repaying the loan and being able to afford the monthly repayments over the estimated period.
  • We enable our customers to realize the important of replaying the loan and how much they can afford to repay on a monthly basic over the estimated period.
  • The terms and conditions which are usually used to explain the financial services can be confusing. However, through us, when you apply for a Personal Loan, a Loan expert will communicate to you and explain the details of the loan and the respective terms and conditions in pure simple language that you can understand.